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What are services that Advocate Construction provides?
We provide roof replacement, siding repair, painting, window replacement, gutter repair or replacement, insulation, and carpentry.

Why should I pay for my deductible with Advocate when another company says they can do it for free?
If a company is telling you they can do it for free, then they are either shorting their services to you, or lying to the insurance company.  We are up front about all costs that are billed to insurance and the homeowner.

Why does Advocate use contracted labor?
Using contracted labor gives us the flexibility and agility to do more than just roofing.  We work with fully insured and reputable companies in several trades.

What is taking so long?
The claim and supplementation process can take days or weeks or months depending on the insurance company and mortgage company.  No two jobs are alike.  The physical part of installing a roof or painting a house may only take a day or two, but the paperwork process is a bit longer.  The good news is, everyone involved is working towards the goal of repairing your home using fair business practices.

How do referrals work?
If you are happy with us, and refer someone to us, we will give you a $100 gift card, or take $100 off of your bill.  It is that simple.  Most of our customers are referrals, and we appreciate this.