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Hail happens.  Insurance agents come to us with client whose property has experienced hail damage.  Or we are referred to customers by neighbors or family.  Most of our business comes to us by referral.  This sets Advocate apart from many companies operating in this business.

We come to the house and do an initial inspection.  We present the homeowner with what we have found.  We then ask for permission to contact the insurance company.  The insurance company comes and does an inspection and approves the work to be performed.  We use a process called supplementation to examine codes and request fewer or more adjustments to the approved scope of work.  Once the work is approved by the insurance company, we contact the homeowner and begin scheduling the work and ordering the materials.  After the work is performed, we inspect (so does the city) the final product and follow up with the homeowner regarding the service and product.  We work closely with the homeowner throughout the entire process to make certain the homeowner is aware of and approves of all work being done.